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I'm a Senior Scientist at Inria, leading the Toccata research group, common to the Research center INRIA Saclay - Île-de-France and the Laboratoire Méthodes Formelles.

Research Activities

My research activities belong to the general topic of mechanized proof of properties of programs. This topic belongs to the so-called domain of Formal Methods for Software Engineering.

By mechanized proof I mean two possible things. In a first case, the proof can be fully automated, in the sense that a given property is given to a computer, and the computer must find a proof for it. In a second case, proof is done interactively: this can be done using some tactics proposed by the user to perform the proof, or more generally, in the context of program verification, extra annotations can be given: auxiliary lemmas, extra code assertions, invariants, etc. But in all cases, the proof is checked valid by a computer tool.

See the Annual research report of the Toccata group for more details on my activities around program verification. I also have some specific experience in the verification of floating-point programs.

I always wanted my research activities to be substantiated by experimental validation. This is why I developed (or contributed to) several tools, described below, and I made the necessary efforts to make such tools not only prototypes but maintain them, distributed them, and provide some support to users.


Program Verification tools

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